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Meet Me!

Lands End

I wanted to make my first blog go with a bang! But I’m a mummy of a cheeky 1 year old, I have arthrogryposis, (we’ll get to that later) I haven’t showered in 3 days, and I’m just plain tired. So instead of a bang how about an honest blog about being a new mummy with a disability.

As I type this, Charlie is sleeping with a drool of milk falling onto his pillow. You’re probably reading this asking why isn’t he upstairs in his cot. Well the answer is simple. I struggle with certain things but I’ve adapted to make it easy for me. So he’s cuddled up to me with his U shape pillow snoring away. The television is muted with subtitles so he doesn’t wake up and the curtains are closed because let’s face it I just want an hour. An hour to chill, to watch anything but baby shark and maybe have a drink without him constantly trying to rip the glass out of my hand!

Anyway let me get back to the beginning. I’m Bex or Becky or if I’m in trouble or needing to sound professional Rebecca. I’m a 33 year old massive Disney fan, who got to marry her best friend and ultimate Disney Prince (yeah cheesy, sorry, I promise I’ll try not to be to cheesy from now on)!. I have a disability called arthrogryposis which effects my joints and muscles and last year against the odds we fell pregnant and I became a first time mummy.

I want this blog to be a friendly place where you can come with a cup of tea or vodka and enjoy a bit of ‘me time’. Because let’s face it being a mummy

is tough! It’s tiring, worrying, a bit of a ball ache at times, lonely and confusing. But I’ll tell you from my experience it’s the most rewarding, exciting and happy experience of my life so far!

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