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High Chair Will Travel

Updated: Aug 21, 2018

This may not be a particularly long blog entry but I just wanted to tell you all about one product we could not have done without and still use nearly every day!


We were in a pub and Charlie had got to that age where they fidget and squirm worse than a crocodile performing a death roll. Most high chairs in public places we came across were the wooden short backed chairs.

Now please don't think I'm ungrateful to these places for not spending hundreds of pounds on high chairs. Let's face it, it's fab that pubs and restaurants have high chairs in the first place and I know how expensive baby accessories are. If you have or know a very active tiny human you'll know it doesn't take them much time to turn into some sort of contortionist in whichever restraint they're in at the time. Charlie is no exception. I remember going out for tea with a friend and he managed, in 0-3 seconds to twist, climb and stand up in the high chair we were using in the pub. Now I'm not one to admit defeat, especially where my arthrogryposis comes into it, but on this occasion, I just wanted to get home. I couldn't manage to carry him and holding him was definitely not on his agenda.

That night I went hungry as I couldn't keep him still long enough to swallow a pea let alone eat my gorgeously battered fish! He cried and whined all the time I was there. As a new parent, in all honesty, I find myself sinking into my chair with the fear of everyone staring at us wishing I’d do something to stop the screaming banshee I’d brought out with me. I know babies cry and when I used to go out pre-mummy days, I’d give evils to anyone complaining to a mum about their crying baby, but being a new mum can be hard work and yes I’ll admit it embarrassing sometimes.

As we left the pub and headed back to the car my friend mentioned that next time it might be an idea to just get a takeaway. That was it, my anxiety triggered and I literally cried as soon as I’d got home. I remember telling daddy I’d not go out again on my own with Charlie. I didn’t want to feel a failure and I didn’t want to feel like that again, so the easiest thing for me to do was sit in my safe little bubble aka my living room.


The next day I’d calmed down a bit and I started looking at solutions to the problem, I didn’t want to feel like I couldn’t go out on my own. Attachable reins came up in my search on google, but I just didn't think they would hold him down! I needed something which I could easily carry and manage to assemble myself. Apart from glue, I was stuck (see what I did there). Then I found this! The Summer Infant Sit N Style.

A seat which could be attached to any chair using a 3 point restraint system and chair straps. The next thing I thought of was ok but can I carry it easily. Well, it only bloody folds up and has a handle, as well as a small space for storage. It's really easy to assemble and attach to a chair and even easier to disassemble and fold away. It's got a tray table and a good supporting back. Its pretty easy to clean too and the best thing is it’s really affordable. I've used it at home when I couldn't manage to carry the high chair through to the living room and as for going out and about, it comes everywhere with us. If we go out and I'm in my wheelchair it hangs on the back, it really is that versatile. The stress I used to feel about him doing his Houdini impressions has gone as I know he's completely safe and comfortable when he's in this magic seat. I now don’t feel anxious about going to cafes, pubs and restaurants now the Sit N Style Summer Infant seat comes everywhere with us. The only bad side is I wish I'd known about it sooner, it definitely would have gone on my pre-birth items to buy list and it should definitely be on yours!

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