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2 Fab Games for Festive Family Fun

Our house is always full of laughter from the moment we wake up to the moment we collapse in bed! Playing games together is a massive part of how we have fun, so when we were sent Shoot the Poop and Pick Up Pete we couldn't wait to play! It's fair to say these kept Charlie and us amused for hours. They are the perfect addition to your Christmas lists this year for lots of festive family board game fun! My question to you now is, which game do you think Charlie picked to play first? Pick Up Pete or Shoot the Poop? Ad - Gifted - all views are our own Shoot the Poop

Available from Smyths 2 player game Contents include - This game includes 1 Shoot the Poop Toilet (Tank), 12 Plastic Poops and 2 Launchers Batteries required - yes, 2 AAA (not included) Meet Tank! An actual talking toilet! The game involves 2 players launching their 'poos' into Tank! The winner is crowned when their last poo hits the bowl. Tank will cheer you on as you take aim, ready, and fire away! This family dexterity game also helps children develop fine motor skills. Don't forget to flush Tank's lever, he'll always have something to say.

Charlie and Andy loved playing this together, even when the big kid was cheating! This is where I came in! No one beats mummy in a head to head match of poo antics! Charlie couldn't stop giggling at the fact his poo kept going on the floor! :


Pick Up Pete

Available from Argos 1 - 4 players Contents include - This game includes Pete and 24 coloured chairs (6 in each of the 4 colours: blue, green, orange, and red). Batteries required - yes, 2 AA batteries (not included) Pick up Pete is the self-driving chair stacking family game. Take turns stacking your chairs in the back of Pete as he drives round and round in a circle. Pete also can help children with their hand-eye coordination and precise motor skills.

We had such a laugh with Pick Up Pete! The biggest tip I can give you though, is play on a big flat surface, as we found Pete's tyres got stuck in our carpet, (which made it a little too easy) we all know I like a challenge. Once we found a good 'road' surface we couldn't stop playing! As Pete drove round in circles we took it in turns to place our chairs on his back! Too slow and you miss your opportunity. Too fast and you could topple your chair tower over and lose the game!

I'll definitely be taking these games to get togethers around Christmas!

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