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Wheelchairs and Cornwall Beaches

I’ve never been one for sand. I used to, and still do hate day trips to the beach. I always try to avoid them like a flock of Chickens (they are winged, beaked, devils). There are a few reasons why I avoid them though: -

1) As I waddle across the fine beige stuff, I become a human clone version of Bambi.

2) I hate the fact sand gets everywhere! Even in places that don’t touch the sand.

3) Looking like a Magikarp on the shoreline is not a look I like portraying.

4) Not forgetting to mention the fact us girls have to shave, otherwise we end up looking like a Yeti from the waist down!

But the biggest reason stems from my wheelchair and struggling on the beach with it. Usually it sinks quite far down and then I’m stranded in the middle of an incoming tide. That’s if we can push it on the sand at all. By the time we pick a perfect spot, (usually right by the entrance to the beach), Andy’s shattered and completely out of breath and I’m usually embarrassed and feeling the guilt from him having to push me.

Take a toddler and add Cornwall into the equation and the beach becomes nearly impossible to avoid.


Thanks to disAbility, a charity in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, my struggles are no more (in Cornwall at least).

After doing a bit of Googling, what did we do before google by the way? I found out that a few beaches around the Cornish coast offered a hand, or should I say a set of wheels to the differently abled population!

a cornish disabilty beach map
A map showing the locations for hiring beach wheelchairs

The wheelchairs on steroids are usually on a first come first served basis but there’s a phone number you can ring to check availability before you go. Although when we rang ahead the staff at Gyllyngvase Beach were amazing and put a hold on the chair for us.


The whole process was so easy I honestly couldn’t believe it!

Step 1 - Ring chosen beach and check availability (you might even be lucky enough to get it reserved, but remember it’s a first come first served kind of thing).

Step 2 - Arrive at wheelchair pick up point (you’ll find this location on the map above).

Step 3 - Hand over a deposit of £0.00. Yes! I said that! It’s free! The only thing you need to hand over if required is a driving license or a debit/credit card, (Gyllyngvase Beach didn’t require anything but take somethimy just incase). There is a secure safe where they’ll store it.

Step 4 - Arrive like a boss on the beach in your suped up ride!

The wheelchair was definitely a huge help getting me on the beach and actually being able to enjoy it. It was really comfy too and I caught a great tan!

Ive only been to 2 beaches on the map so far, Hayle Beach and Gyllyngvase Beach. If I had to pick one though I’d definitely pick Gylly Beach. The biggest reason being that it was very accessible and almost flat. It was really easy to get on to the beach too from the car.

If you’ve visited any of the other beaches on the map let me know! Were they easily accessible? Were they hilly? Did you hire a chair yourself? If you have I’d love to see your beach selfies! Tag me on Instagram

You can find all the information you’ll need on hiring your beach ride and all the phone numbers for each location at -


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