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2019 Review

So another year has finished and a new one has begun!

2019 was a bit of a roller-coaster for us. There were some great moments and there were some not so great moments!

January saw me take my blog a lot more seriously, although you're probably thinking 'hang on you've not posted a blog in months'. Well no, you're right lol but I also count my Instagram ( as part of my blog so if you don't see me on here I'll definitely be over on the gram posting silly videos to hopefully make you smile.

Charlie's now his own little personality. Some aspects of which I cant stand, including his impatience and headbutting when he's not getting his own way! Saying that though, he still manages to make me smile everyday!

We met Prince William and Kate and Charlie had a conversation with him, well it was mostly noises but hey I'll take it!

His second birthday arrived as did my cousin's baby's naming ceremony! All the family in one place for the weekend! We had a blast!

I realised I let people dictate how I felt far too often. When in reality the only people's opinions that matter are the ones who really care. Believe me when you let go of that shit you'll be golden!

me and charlie in hottub
me and charlie enjoying the hot tub

Summer arrived and brought the hot tub out with it! Charlie loved it and we could hardly keep him out of it.

In June we received the Lascal Friends BuggyBoard Maxi+ (gifted). It literally changed the way we had family days! Wheelchairs and toddlers are hard and the Panic started to set in but Cheeky Rascal's really helped make this mummy on wheel's life a whole lot easier!

Andy finally left a job where he was being bullied by the area manager. She was awful and even took away my bit of sanity I had too! I'm not naming the company but if you know us you'll know. It was definitely a WEIGHT off when he left and our Wellness started to work again, 😜 as he also stopped his antidepressants!

Andy then went onto work for a big catalogue company but when he got blamed for the weather and got pulled in for an investigation over the wind 🙄 we knew it wasn't going to work. His 3rd job though is a hit! He loves it and bonus, he finally has the weekends off!

Money has been tight, I mean tighter than a duck's arse! We've fallen behind on a few bills but we're getting it sorted and we'll be back to normal soon! Fingers crossed!

A huge thing for me in 2019 was the fact I've become more comfortable with my wheelchair. I used to hate having pictures of me in it but now because of Instagram I'm embracing it! It's part of me and I shouldn't be ashamed!

Halloween was amazing! We fully decked out the house and garden and even now people walk past the house and say things like 'wow, remember this house? It was the best one on Halloween'. Halloween also marked our 5 year wedding anniversary, I mean I'm proud of putting up with him for that long 😂 Joking I am! You all know I love Andy more than Disney!

As quick as Halloween ended the Christmas tree went up. This year though was harder to keep it up as Charlie continued to climb everything, so the tree wasn't safe 🙄. Hence it was tied to the wall!

We spent Christmas in Cornwall with my family, headed back for new year and just like that 2019 was done!

It's February as I'm writing this and I have to say 2020 is looking fab so far, damn I've just jinxed it, haven't I!

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